Ethereum DeFi plus Binance Smart Chain Surpass $100 Billion In Total Value Locked

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Ethereum’s recent run is one for the books. Their supremacy is under attack from every side, with great projects trying to steal a piece of their smart contracts pie. Nevertheless, ETH’s price and their blockchain’s adoption keep rising. The main drivers for this run are the NFT craze and the popularity of DeFi projects. And Ethereum has an ace up its sleeve. As Bitcoinist told you, a month from now: Ethereum’s fee model will change with the implementation of Hard Fork “London” and EIP-1559. Thus, ETH will become a deflationary asset, an event that could further push the price towards unknown regions Besides that, one of EIP-1559’s aims is to reduce the often ridiculous gas prices that transactions require. That’s the Ethereum blockchain’s Achilles’ heel. The rising gas prices are the main reason Ethereum’s competitors are gaining ground. And none has been gathering more traction than the Binance Smart Chain.…

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