Ethereum “Crashes Heavily” Against BTC as Market Faces Strong Pullback

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Ethereum has been severely underperforming Bitcoin as of late, which has led the ETHBTC trading pair to see immense weakness It is currently plunging lower as Bitcoin’s $13,800 rejection sends shockwaves throughout the market Although it has reached its first key support zone, weakness seen by both BTC and ETH individually will likely drag it significantly lower in the near-term This weakness can only be reverted if bulls step up and propel both the cryptocurrencies together in tandem One analyst is expecting significantly further downside Ethereum has been struggling to match the strong momentum seen by Bitcoin as of late, but it has been fully exposed to the weakness seen by Bitcoin throughout the past several hours. Yesterday afternoon, BTC saw a push higher that sent it towards its 2019 highs of $13,800. This move was significant and led many investors to anticipate further upside, but bears rapidly catalyzed a…

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