Ethereum Could Soon Target $800 as Macro Market Structure Builds Strength

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Ethereum and the aggregated cryptocurrency market has been seeing immense volatility as of late Yesterday, ETH declined to lows of $427 before finding some strong support that slowed its descent and sparked a sharp rebound The cryptocurrency has been trying to confirm $450 as a level of support throughout the past few days, as this is a crucial level that must be held above for it to see further upside Where the market trends next will depend largely on Bitcoin, as Ethereum is finally beginning to move in tandem with the benchmark digital asset One trader is noting that over a macro timeframe, he is expecting a move towards $800, making these micro fluctuations simple noise when it comes to its long-term outlook Ethereum has been closely tracking Bitcoin’s price action throughout the past few days, which marks a major shift from its previous trend of seeing stagnating price action…

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