Ethereum Could Set a “Lower Low” if It Breaks Beneath This Crucial Level

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Ethereum is now showing some signs of underlying weakness despite seeing some strong price action over the past few days After hovering within the upper region of its long-established trading range, the slight downwards movement seen by Bitcoin and the aggregated market has forced it lower It hasn’t declined beneath any crucial support levels yet, but several sit just below where it is currently trading at One analyst is noting that its closest support is critical for it to continue defending, as a break below it could be all that is needed for ETH to set a “lower low.” Ethereum is closely tracking the price action seen by the aggregated cryptocurrency market. This has exposed it to some slight downside over the past day, as Bitcoin’s rejection at $9,500 has caused major altcoins to erase some of the gains that they have posted throughout the past few days. Analysts are…

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