Ethereum Analyst Sees Record High This Week as Price Climbs 60%

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The cost to purchase one Ethereum might exceed its previous record high this week. That is, according to Josh Rager. On Monday, the independent market analyst said that he sees ETH/USD making a run towards the $1,250-1,350 area as resistance. Meanwhile, a clear breakout move above the said range would have the pair test its January 2018 high of $1,419.96. “The final target is $5k for me in the next year,” added Mr. Rager. “But now – the target to hit is $1,250 to $1,350 is resistance.” What Pumped Ethereum? Mr. Rager’s statements surfaced in the wake of Ethereum’s volatile price rally over the weekend and Monday. It surged by almost 60 percent, hitting $1,168.99 before turning lower towards $1,000 in its opening week move. Meanwhile, its market capitalization climbed to near $119 billion, making 13.68 percent of the overall cryptocurrency market valuation. Ethereum breaks above key Fib resistance areas.…

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