ETH 2.0 Uncertainty Causes Projects to Ditch Network

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ETH 2.0, complete with sharding and scaling, is seen as a solution to Ethereum’s current problems with network overload. But skeptics see the upcoming project as confusing and potentially harmful to the ecosystem of startups. ETH 2.0 in Constant Flux ETH 2.0 is still following fads, and there is no way to analyze what is coming up, commented James Prestwich, founder of Summa. In a thread, he exposed the challenges to upgrading Ethereum with multiple live projects and high uncertainty. This tweet is not about shard block invalidation and reorganization It's about how we cannot analyze ETH2 as a system because its proposed behavior is constantly in flux ETH2 adapts to the latest fashions faster than we can understand its properties — James Prestwich (@_prestwich) November 4, 2019 Based on Vitalik Buterin’s predictions, the arrival of ETH 2.0 will not be felt by end-users. However, shards and finality may…

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