EOS New York Exposes Duplicate Block Producers

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EOS New York has put forward a worrying discovery about the network. It seems not all block producers are independent, and some of the positions are controlled by a central entity. Single Entity Registered Six BP Domains EOS New York has discovered that six of the current block producers are linked to a single entity, potentially taking away nearly a third of the network block production power. Rewards and computational resources are also more centralized than expected. 1/ Six registered producers on EOS are managed by a single entity. This is unacceptable. We have requested the signatures of the top 50 registered producers so that all token-holders may know who does and who does not condone such impropriety. Read on for evidence and the URLs: pic.twitter.com/5ZhFvOWqPB — EOS New York (@eosnewyork) November 27, 2019 Based on URL ownership, EOS New York discovered the domains for six block producers were purchased…

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