EOS Founder Thinks Gold Will Only Perform “Fractionally As Well” as Bitcoin

Bitcoin and gold have been pressing higher after the comments made by Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell last week. Both assets are up by around 5% since the comments the central banker made. Some gold proponents say that gold will easily outperform any other asset in circulation due to the vast amount of monetary stimulus. Crypto proponents, even those focused on altcoins, think that Bitcoin will outperform gold, though. Bitcoin Likely to Outperform Gold, Says EOS Founder According to Brendan Blumer, the co-founder of Block.one (which itself founded the blockchain EOS), Bitcoin will easily outperform gold in this market cycle. The crypto pioneer commented that the leading cryptocurrency is intrinsically better than gold, which should allow it to accrue more value over time. Blumer specifically cited BTC’s “inclusive, fair, finite, publicly-verifiable, and self-custodial characteristics”: “#Gold will perform, but only fractionally as well as #Bitcoin as people continue to understand and…

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