Engineer Uses Bitcoin to Defraud Microsoft of $10M, Evade Taxes

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Bitcoin is regularly blasted by regulators and the IRS for its use in illicit crime such as money laundering or tax evasion. Unfortunately, a story involving a former Microsoft engineer who used the cryptocurrency to mix over $10 million he had defrauded the company out of, doesn’t help that case. Here’s how one man managed to steal so much money right out from under the tech giant’s nose, and how they got caught using Bitcoin to hide the trace of their mysterious income. How the Birth of Cryptocurrency Coins is the Next Phase of Digital Value Transfer Cryptocurrencies are most popular amongst millennial investors for a number of reasons. Those born from the Boomer generation, don’t trust the stock market, are well versed in a predominantly digital lifestyle, and have been collecting virtual currencies for a good portion of their lives. Video games have long used coins as a way…

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