Election Day Retrospective: Looking Back At The Bitcoin Campaign Trail

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Today is Election Day and with it (hopefully) arrives the outcome of one of the most pivotal and polarizing Presidential showdowns in history. It also marks the third election since Bitcoin’s inception. On this monumental day, we’re looking back at the more than a decade of crypto asset’s ongoing campaign trail to take over money. Crypto Campaign Retrospective: Looking Back At Bitcoin Performance Between Each Major Election Things are looking brighter for Bitcoin than they have in a long time, all while the economy, politics, and more are at their bleakest. Depending on your perspective, today is especially dark, where the fate of the United States for the next four years will be decided one way or another. No future outlook is positive regardless of the candidate you choose, with a pandemic still roaring full steam and the fiat currency system on the brink of collapse. Whoever ends up with…

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