Eerie Fractal Predicts Bitcoin Will Cross Above $12k Again Very Soon


Bitcoin faced a steep rejection at $12,000 just 24 hours ago. The asset fell by $1,600 in the span of five minutes, liquidating hundreds of millions worth of long positions. Some analysts saw this rejection as a validation of their bearish sentiment. A fractal, though, predicts that Bitcoin will soon retake $12,000. Bitcoin Will Soon Retake $12,000: Fractal Bitcoin’s rejection on Saturday caught many traders off guard, to say the least. Fortunately for bulls, there is a fractal analysis by an analyst that predicts it may be only a few weeks or even days before Bitcoin retakes the pivotal $12,000 level. The analyst in question shared the chart below on August 2nd, noting that Bitcoin’s recent price action looks much like a period of historical price action. This is likely what is known as a fractal, when an asset’s price patterns are seen across different time frames. This specific fractal…

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