Economist Saifedean Ammous, ‘Bitcoin Over Everything’

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In a recent tweet crypto analyst Saifedean Ammous says those investing in altcoins are losing a ‘zero sum game’. Bitcoin Over Everything Popular crypto analyst and economist Saifedean Ammous recently tweeted that any investor crypto investor not holding Bitcoin has already “lost the battle”. According to Ammous, cryptocurrency is “a zero sum game, and if you’re not in Bitcoin you’ve already lost.” Ammous explained that the majority of altcoins simply copy Bitcoin and wise investors would choose to invest in the Bitcoin, as the digital asset has already rallied more than 300% in 2019. Ammous’s tweet was also a response to Blockstack CEO Muneeb Ali, who tweeted, “You can be long on Bitcoin and support other innovations in crypto. Crypto is not a zero-sum game.” There is validity to Ammous’s conclusion that Bitcoin serves as an inspiration to all other cryptocurrencies, but the blanked statement that all altcoins are mere…

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