Eastern Carribean Central Bank Launches First Union-Backed CBDC 

On Wednesday, the Eastern Carribean Central Bank (ECCB) officially launched DCash, its central bank digital currency (CBDC). DCash is a digital version of the Eastern Carribean dollar — which is the official currency for eight Carribean nations. The ECCB has partnered with fintech provider Bitt to oversee infrastructure and operation of the brand new digital currency. Today, #DCash, designed and developed by international fintech company Bitt in partnership with Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB), became the world’s first retail central bank digital currency (#CBDC) to be publicly issued with…https://t.co/elGoH7yzQ4 https://t.co/bFrSzHJcEk — Gabriel Abed (@SirBitt) March 31, 2021 The ECCB’s move to digitize its financial infrastructure will offer a more efficient and securitized alternative to traditional payment systems. In a statement earlier last week, the central bank stated that it had “develop[ed] this digital version of the EC currency in an effort to increase financial inclusion, competitiveness and resilience for the…

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