Earning Bitcoin While You Buy Goods is the ‘New Shopping Experience’

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There are many ways to make money through Bitcoin. Now, a modality posed to gain momentum is to incentivize customers through loyalty programs that give bitcoins for their purchases online. Loyalty Programs to Drive Mainstream Adoption Merchants design marketing strategies such as loyalty programs to encourage customers to continue purchasing their products and services. Although loyalty programs are attractive, they have a flaw. Harry Alford points out in his Medium article titled “How Crypto Can Turn The World Into Investors,” that some consumers are not motivated to redeem the points they accumulate. For example, according to marketing firm Bond Brand Loyalty, customers neglect to claim loyalty points worth $100 billion. Bond Brand Loyalty concludes, Redeemers are twice as satisfied with loyalty programs as non-redeemers, yet more than one-fifth of program members have never redeemed. Results show that the redemption experience—the anticipation of reward, as well as ease of redemption—is more…

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