e-Money’s Yield-Bearing Stablecoins Are Smart Money for the Crypto Generation

e-Money is a fast, frictionless form of digital cash that can be used for payments, remittances, and as a safe store of value cryptocurrency, especially during periods when crypto market volatility is high. Its greatest characteristic, though, lies in its ability to generate yield for its holders. Understanding how this works calls for a quick dive into the history of stablecoins, to learn their attributes and limitations which spawned the creation of e-Money. From Stable Money to e-Money Since their introduction in 2017, stablecoins have helped solve some of the most pressing problems within the cryptocurrency space. From collateralized stablecoins (such as crypto-backed and currency-backed stablecoins) to algorithmic stablecoins that mimic fiat currency, stablecoins have helped provide liquidity, stability, and growth to key cryptocurrency markets. Their evolution has also helped to counter the long-standing perception of crypto as a volatile space, and given traders a safe haven when the macro…

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