Dutch Blockchain Companies LTO Network and VIDT Datalink Announce Merger

Two of the Netherlands’ top blockchain companies have just merged in hopes of creating the most robust end-to-end B2B blockchain solution on the market. The names of the two companies should ring a bell: LTO Network and VIDT. Both are currently in the top 300 blockchain companies globally based on market cap and have built large communities through a series of high profile partnerships and campaigns with organizations such as The United Nations, IBM, and more. With a passion for both data and providing easy-to-use blockchain solutions, the merger will allow the new entity to leverage the relationships, clients, and technology built by each company over the past few years. Effectively, the new organization will now become the biggest blockchain organization in the Netherlands and one of the most prominent B2B blockchain facilitators in the world. Combining Strengths To Tackle a Common Goal LTO Network brings enterprise-grade blockchain solutions to…

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