Dollar Index Fractal Suggests An Incredible Altcoin Season Is On The Horizon

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Bitcoin and altcoins are directly opposed to fiat currencies, typically offering a hard-capped supply while the dollar and others can be printed with no limit. That constant printing throughout 2020 has left the greenback with its back against the wall, facing off against gold, crypto, and other nation’s currencies to maintain its global reserve status. And while that title is likely to be held for a long while longer, the almighty is showing enough weakness that it could let altcoins soon shine. In fact, a fractal playing out in the DXY dollar currency index could suggest a repeat of the late 2017 into early 2018 alt season that made crypto a household name. USD: The Most Dominant Trading Pair And How It Impacts Bitcoin, Gold, Oil, and More As the global reserve currency, all other assets are pegged to USD. The dollar is the most dominant currency and the base…

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