Dirty Money: What’s Living on Cash That Can’t on Bitcoin?

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The recent pandemic put a spotlight on contactless payment alternatives to paper cash like Bitcoin, Venmo, Apple Pay, and more. The World Health Organization urged consumers to rely on these payment methods. Digital payments soared globally as a result. But beyond the possibility of viral transmission, what else is living on dirty money that isn’t also living on Bitcoin? Contactless Payments Shine In New Post-Pandemic World Bitcoin is a financial asset unlike anything before it – both in terms of its futuristic functionality and its unrivaled return on investment. Those who learned early of the digital-only store of value and peer-to-peer electronic cash system saw over 100,000,000% ROI. The asset exists only in the ether, with its transactions transmitted across the internet. Due to this, there is zero risk of the asset acting as a carrier of a disease, or worse. RELATED READING | ‘NOT AN ASSET CLASS’ BITCOIN SPIKED…

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