Despite Recent Strength, Ethereum has Yet to Break Above One Critical Level

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Ethereum, like Bitcoin, is currently flashing some immense signs of strength as it pushes past $400 The resistance at this price level remains heavy, so buyers must continue propelling the crypto higher in the near-term Where ETH trends next as it hovers around this crucial level may depend on Bitcoin, as it guided the market’s latest movement If Ethereum’s buyers remain strong in the near-term, they may next look to target the crypto’s recent highs at $415 There is a crucial level that it has yet to surmount, however, and one analyst is cautioning against getting too excited until there is a breakout above this level Ethereum is in the process of trying to gain a foothold above $400 as its buyers start showing intense signs of strength. This movement came about in tandem with that seen by Bitcoin and most other major altcoins, which are all starting to navigate…

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