DeFi Yield Protocol Debuts New Staking And Governance DApp

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There is an enormous shift in finance toward digital solutions over the last several years, and that trend has only kicked into overdrive since 2020. The need for frictionless, decentralized solutions to the aging traditional finance system has led to the emergence of cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance. Early DeFi projects laid the groundwork and provided “proof of concept” that the industry has potential and would replace traditional finance. Still, too many early tokens came in tow with bugs, issues, and other security and stability risks that makes the growing crypto sector not quite ready for the masses. But because there’s such potential in DeFi, there’s been a rapid proliferation in new platforms seeking to address and solve key issues plaguing the market. For example, whales can control the network if they are large enough, and critical bugs in code can cause a community to collapse. Unlocking The Power And Potential…

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