DeFi Yield Protocol Bridge To Binance Smart Chain Is The Hottest Crypto Connection

High gas fees still plague Ethereum and the plan to upgrade isn’t fast enough for the pace the industry is moving at. Crypto market participants are demanding more options. Projects such as DeFi Yield Protocol and countless others are moving to Binance Smart Chain. Here’s why the newly launched bridge between DeFi Yield Protocol to Binance Smart Chain has become crypto’s hottest connection. DeFi Yield Protocol Launches Bridge To Binance Smart Chain, Boosting Accessibility Beginning in February of this year, DeFi Yield Protocol announced the BSC integration, which included the DYP staking and governance dApp. The goal of the bridge is to provide greater liquidity overall for the DYP user base and encourage more innovative developments down the line. The DYP ecosystem itself is now more accessible than ever before. For example, DYP liquidity providers have earned more than 7000 ETH worth over $14 million USD since the staking dApp…

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