Defi Is Coming to Qtum as Ethereum Rival Launches $1M Defi Dev Fund


Blockchain smart contract network Qtum has become the latest ecosystem to woo Ethereum developers. Unlike many of its rivals, however, Qtum can boast compatibility with Ethereum’s EVM, meaning developers can port projects directly over. On August 17, the Qtum Foundation announced a $1 million DeFi development fund that will be allocated to solo devs and teams seeking to create scalable DeFi dApps. Qtum is not the first blockchain platform to lay down the red carpet to DeFi devs; Matic Network recently issued a similar call, with a generous grant program to kickstart adoption. Qtum founder Patrick Dai is determined to make Qtum the chain of choice for frustrated Ethereum devs, priced out of deploying smart contracts on ETH’s mainnet, and has pledged a total of up to $5 million to bootstrap DeFi adoption. DeFi Rocket Ride Gathers Pace While “ICO” was 2017’s buzzword, “blockchain” 2018’s, and “interoperability” 2019’s, in 2020,…

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