Data Shows Decentralized Perpetual Swap Protocols Are “Lacking”

DeFi is a revolutionary concept in which traditional financial products and services can be operated without intermediaries like banks. The emergence of Uniswap created alternatives for traders to access liquidity, and since then there’s been an explosion of decentralized exchanges and quite a lot of decentralized perpetual swap protocols have been developed. However, data shows that although decentralized perpetual swap protocols should be seeing about $4.7B in trading volume based on Uniswap’s daily average, combined, they don’t even come close. Here’s why decentralized perpetual swap protocols are so currently “lacking” despite a “50x” growth potential claimed by the same data. CEX And DEX Platforms Rise In Tandem During Crypto Market Uptrend A rising tide lifts all boats, and the latest cryptocurrency market uptrend has brought an increase in trading volume across nearly every type of cryptocurrency exchange in the market. Several platforms have been unable to keep up with the…

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