Dash Launches Public Alpha for Social Payments Wallet

Dash has launched a public alpha for DashPay, a social cryptocurrency wallet, to deliver a seamless user experience with human-readable usernames, contact lists, and profile pictures. This experience addresses the most significant barriers to the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, which several consumer surveys shows are mainly ease-of-use issues. The public alpha allows users to see what a truly friction-free and social cryptocurrency transaction experience can be like, ahead of the full public launch in 2021. According to a 2016 survey conducted by market research firm Clutch and Brave UX of web users who spend over four hours per day online, over 90% of respondents viewed ease of use as an important determining factor when deciding to continue to use a website or service. An online poll conducted by Dash revealed that 66.9% of respondents view general usability as the biggest barrier to adoption. Another survey conducted by the Foundation for…

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