Dash Investors’ Missing Funds Returned, Moocowmoo Resurfaces

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After many months of speculation as to the whereabouts of Dash ex-Senior Advisor, Moocowmoo, and the location of investors’ funds, it seems he’s finally come out of hiding. Investors Start Receiving Their Shares In a euphoric Reddit post, entitled “Developing story: More and more people reporting they are receiving their shares back,” Dash supporters come out in numbers to rejoice about the magic return of their long lost funds. “Moo has finally been woken from his slumber,” commented one, “and is currently sending the money back to its rightful owners.” Another jubilant Reddit user wrote, “Sweeeeet!!! This is the comeback of the year!! MooCow for president! :)” Even the original user on the Dash Forum cited by last Monday, Erulian, confirmed that his funds had been returned and apologized for causing so much kerfuffle. I’m sorry it turned into such a big drama, but also glad that I finally got…

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