DAI Comes to the Bitcoin Defi Ecosystem via RSK Integration

In a major breakthrough for the decentralized finance (DeFi) space, one of the most popular stable coins, DAI, has been made available for use on the applications in the RSK ecosystem, Bitcoin’s smart contracts platform. RSK and the RSK Infrastructure Framework (RIF) development team have achieved this by using the RSK-Ethereum cross-chain bridge. Trading pairs for DAI have been enabled on RSKSwap, a Uniswap-style DEX for the RSK network. Bridging Maker and RSK The integration of DAI into the Bitcoin DeFi ecosystem will allow users of RSK dApps to send DAI microtransactions and deposit the stable coin into staking and lending smart contracts. As Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar, CEO and co-founder of IOVlabs, the company powering RSK and RIF, said, “the DAI integration is another key step towards Bitcoin DeFi’s adoption. We are confident the growth of the Bitcoin ecosystem and its DeFi opportunities has only just begun, with much more…

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