CryptoPunks NFTs Get $6M in Bids From a Single Account

CryptoPunksNFTs 980x296

NFTs are here to stay. CryptoArt is hotter than ever.CryptoPunks keep breaking records. As Christie’s auction approaches, the demand for the original NFTs rises. Today, an anonymous and recently created account placed bids worth 3,034 ETH for 16 CryptoPunks. At the current price, that’s $6,309,476.33. This fact makes the story even more interesting: so far, none of the bids have been accepted. Widely regarded as the original NFTs, the CryptoPunks contract was created on June 22nd, 2017. The project consists of 10.000 units. Each one is a 24×24 pixels, 8-bit image. The creators describe them as: “distinctly digital work, comprising both the image of the characters and the blockchain mechanisms for ownership and auction.” John Watkinson and Matt Hall built the mostly automated pixelated character generator that created them. At the very beginning, they were free. To claim a CryptoPunk all you had to do was pay the necessary Ethereum…

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