Cryptocurrency-fiat simbiosis: How MinePlex created a bank of the future

As recently as a few months ago, in summer 2020, the world has seen the DeFi boom. The tokens of the projects in the field of decentralized finances demonstrated six-figure returns. One example is YFI, the price of which has grown 130000% in one month. But this hype is already a part of history. The market sees a continuous correction, and the YFI has dropped in price by more than one-third from its peak. Most of the DeFi projects are based on the Ethereum blockchain. Its scalability issues led to high commissions per transaction that resulted in low efficiency for this industry. For example, on December 17, the commission per transaction on the decentralized exchange Uniswap reached a level of $80. It is simply not profitable to execute orders with such commissions. This being said, the industry has already welcomed a new decentralized instrument that combines the stability and liquidity…

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