Crypto Tumbler Used By Binance Hackers to Funnel $80 Million

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The hackers responsible for the Binance hack back in May are reportedly using a crypto mixer to launder their booty. Trying to Launder Loot from Bitcoin Hack Under the Radar According to a report by blockchain forensics firm Clain, the hackers who stole more than 7,000 BTC from Binance are trying to use Chipmixer to funnel their crypto loot. An excerpt from the report reads: We detected an extensive pool of Chipmixer’s addresses in the course of the previous investigations and can confidently maintain that at least 4836 BTC of the hacker’s monies was laundered through Chipmixer. Binance Hack 2019 – A Deep Dive Into Money Laundering And Mixing. — clain (@clain_io) August 7, 2019 Clain also reports that the hackers have so far not made any attempts to move the stolen bitcoin to exchanges. Instead, the forensics firm says the Binance hackers are trying to completely obfuscate the…

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