Crypto Research Firm Identifies 3 “Big” Bitcoin Bull Run Catalysts

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When analyzing Bitcoin, many investors cast aside fundamentals and only focus on the price action. Hence, as the cryptocurrency market has stalled over the past two months, data has shown that the market has grown increasingly bearish. The funding rate of BTC futures markets, which shows the sentiment of the market, is once again negative. Looking at the fundamentals, though, research firms and funds are extremely bullish. The head of trading at one prominent blockchain fund is so optimistic that he said in May that the “macro case for Bitcoin has never been more obvious.” Weiss Crypto Ratings’ 3 “Big” Reasons to Be Bullish on Bitcoin The crypto arm of markets research giant Weiss Ratings — Weiss Crypto Ratings revealed three “big” reasons they’re bullish on BTC. They are as follows: “QE Infinity” monetary policy: Earlier this year, to combat the economic effects of the pandemic, the Federal Reserve announced…

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