Crypto Markets Turn Bearish as Bitcoin Bulls Weaken

22 sep 1 640x400

All appears quiet on crypto social media channels today as the China fervor abates and Bitcoin starts losing steam. $5 billion has left the space over the past 24 hours as altcoin losses accelerate and the bears reemerge from the digital woods. Bitcoin Hanging by a Thread BTC is clearly struggling to stay above $9,000 at the moment. Bearish sentiment has returned to crypto twitter and analysts are all painting downward looking charts. The China bulls have run for the hills leaving the bears to feast on those monumental gains. After hitting an intraday high of $9,250 twice, bitcoin has fallen back to just below $9,100 at the time of writing. The next support level is $8,600 which could be hit pretty quickly as soon as BTC drops below $9k. BTC prices 1 hour – Analyst and trader ‘Crypto Dog’ has noted the negative sentiment and created a poll…

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