Crypto Lending Has Become a Pillar of the Cryptosphere

The evolution of crypto lending is continuing at pace, with new projects regularly coming onstream. These platforms, most of which exist in the decentralized finance (DeFi) realm, offer users the ability to obtain loans without having to contend with intermediaries and accept counterparty risk. In concert with asset issuance, payments, governance, and insurance, crypto lending is helping to construct a new and fairer blockchain-based financial system. Crypto Lending Ecosystem Expands The crypto lending landscape currently comprises institutional lenders, exchange platforms, and Defi lending protocols, with loans broadly falling into the category of undercollateralized, collateralized (or overcollateralized), and flash. Borrowing against one’s crypto holdings has never been easier, and the difficulty of acquiring a bank loan – not to mention the generally unappealing terms – only serves to underline the value that smart contract-secured lending protocols represent. Evidence of the strength of crypto lending is all around us. Late last year,…

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