Crypto Gamers Spent $1 Million on Virtual Land This Week

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Crypto has long been considered a natural fit for gaming and virtual property exchanges. This use case for blockchain assets is accelerating, as almost USD $1 million in cryptocurrency has been traded in virtual worlds over the past seven days alone. CRYPTO AND GAMING ARE A NATURAL FIT Blockchain technology has long been known to have many use cases within the video game sector, and gamers tend to be strong supporters of cryptocurrency. There now appears to be a clear connection between the market rebound and a major increase in crypto use within the gaming space. Over the past seven days, a tremendous level of investment has taken place in the top virtual property platforms. Decentraland, the largest crypto-based virtual world, has experienced over $600,000 in trading volume as adopters are now racing to purchase virtual real estate in the blockchain-based digital world. Investors are also making significant investments in…

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