Crypterium Debuts Virtual Crypto Card In Partnership With Apple Pay

Crypterium, a leading provider of crypto-focused cards has now introduced a new virtual card in partnership with Apple Pay. This is huge news for the cryptocurrency-based payments industry and a significant leap forward in digital asset adoption. Also this one of the many reasons why Crypterium was named one of the 50 “rising stars” by KPMG. Crypterium Brings Its Users A Crypto Virtual Card For Added Speed, Safety, Accessibility, And Security Crypterium recently announced the offering of a Visa card for spending crypto tokens anywhere where Visa cards are accepted. Soon after this development, the company took another major step to bring digital assets to the masses (read Apple device users). And how? Through a new partnership with Apple Pay. Crypterium will allow first-time users to select between a plastic card, a virtual card, or a combination of the two. Folks who already have a plastic card may also request…

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