Crypterium Card Lineup Grows With a New VISA Edition Crypto Card

Crypterium, a leading provider of crypto-focused payment cards aims at bridging the gap between cryptocurrencies and their real-world adoption. The company recently added a Visa card option to its already extensive offering, further adding value to the entire range of Crypterium products. Here’s why this is a big deal for crypto and why it will pave the way for mainstream adoption. Crypterium Visa Card Accessibility Makes Crypto Spending Simple For All The cryptocurrency industry is growing and has to go a long way before its potential can be fully tapped. Like the internet, it takes specifically designed user-centric technologies promoting simplicity, familiarity, and ease of use for adoption to happen on a wide scale. For a long time now, crypto wallets have come across as confusing. Spending or sending cryptocurrencies have turned out to be even more daunting of a task. Fear of perhaps making a mistake in typing an…

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