Credit Suisse Voices Support For Bitcoin

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A manager at Perth Mint has grabbed the attention of Bitcoin advocates by circulating an alleged excerpt of a report by Credit Suisse where the banking giant notes support for cryptocurrency. The short statement asserts that the bank has begun to lose faith in the integrity of central banks, which thus opens the door to alternative forms of currency. BITCOIN AND CRYPTO GAINS FAVOUR The manager, Jordan Eliseo, does not provide a source for the excerpt. Nevertheless, his position at such an established financial institution gives a degree of credibility to his claim. He has tweeted: Credit Suisse not mincing words — Jordan Eliseo (@JordanEliseo) March 18, 2020 Notably, when referring to the current questionable behavior of central banks, the alleged report concludes: Therefore, attention starts to turn to alternative currency regimes, whether gold, or digital, or all of the above. The statement, if authentic, would be nothing short…

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