Craig Wright Refuses to Share Key Documents in Court

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Every other week we witness a fresh twist in the longstanding courtroom farce that is Craig Wright vs Ira Kleiman. In this episode, Craig says he is ‘both exercising a right and fulfilling an obligation’, by not sharing over 10,000 documents with the court, in the case brought against him by the estate of Dave Kleiman. Are Dissolved Companies Privileged? The latest update follows on from Wright’s earlier insistence that he could not provide the requested documents due to the existence of client/attorney privilege. Ira Kleiman, brother of Dave, argued that a dissolved corporation had no such privilege, and a large proportion of the documents related to dissolved corporations. However, Wright now contends that both Florida (where the case is being heard) and Australian (where Wright originates) laws “hold that a corporation’s privilege is not extinguished upon a corporation’s dissolution.” Is Craig Wright In Control? Another of Kleiman’s arguments is…

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