Covesting Announces New COV Token Utilities

Europe-based licensed financial software developer Covesting is the team behind several of the crypto industry’s most innovative projects, ranging from the Covesting copy trading module and the COV utility token. The company has in the past released several financial products on B2B partner platforms and will soon deliver additional disruptive solutions centered around DeFi protocols that also introduce new essential COV token utilities to the Covesting ecosystem. Here’s what the new COV token utilities bring to the global crypto community, token holders, and beyond, as well as the first look at new Covesting Yield Accounts, COV token staking, and much more coming soon to PrimeXBT. What You Need To Know About Covesting And COV Token Covesting is a long-standing pillar of the cryptocurrency industry. It was one of the first cryptocurrency exchanges to earn a highly respected license from the GFSC, with ambitious goals to launch a world-leading copy trading…

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