Could Dreams Of Ethereum Flippening Bitcoin Be “Officially Cancelled”?

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Word on the street is that every time people start talking about “The Flippening,” the market crashes. The possibility of a mythical time when Ethereum’s market capitalization surpasses that of Bitcoin is a common meme in the crypto industry. And this time, it was close. This year, Ethereum’s growth is not to be ignored. Is the momentum not there anymore? Or is this the calm before the storm? A relationship between new paradigm, super cycle, flippening and shitcoin hysteria. Peak euphoria, when the market thinks "Bitcoin is old", gets healthily crushed. Chart: google searches for "flippening" — Charles Edwards (@caprioleio) May 19, 2021 The crypto bloodbath we’re experiencing feels like a cruel winter. Graphs of all kinds are all pointing down, bleeding red. And The Flippening narrative is one of its main victims, even though Bitcoin suffered catastrophic losses. It seems like a week ago everyone and their mothers…

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