CorionX Looks to Solve Stablecoin Roadblocks with New Partnership

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The Corion Foundation, a Swiss company laser-focused on encouraging the world-wide adoption of stable coins, decentralized finance (DeFi), and central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), has just formed a strategic partnership with the Syscoin Foundation — the official body that represents Syscoin: a highly-scalable platform that makes interoperability between Ethereum and other blockchains accessible to anyone. The two foundations will work together to develop solutions that help grow the stable coin and open finance ecosystem, by leveraging Syscoin’s technology stack to overcome one of the major hurdles faced by the industry today and drive adoption by coordinating a DeFi and stable coin awareness campaign — comprised of webinars, training sessions, working groups, and other initiatives. Breaking Down Barriers with Interoperability The Corion Foundation promotes and supports the adoption of stable coins and other decentralized technologies that empower the unbanked and provide a more economical alternative to the legacy financial system. With…

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