Concordium Raises $36 Million Funding After Closing 4th Private Placement

Privacy-centric blockchain, Concordium has concluded the fourth private sale of its GTU tokens to fund further development of its public and permissionless compliance-ready solutions. In total, the private placement rounds have secured Concordium, which is run by a team of Danish innovators, a capital injection of $36 million. The latest financing round values the company led by CEO Lone Fonss Schroder at $1.45 billion. A private placement offering is used to raise funding not through a public token sale, but rather directly from a small number of chosen investors. Generally, private placement offerings provide increased access to capital and control for issuers while participation is often confined to accredited and institutional investors. Concordium aims to bring its blockchain technology for broad use among businesses focused on regulatory compliance and privacy. The company’s compliance-ready blockchain also appeals to enterprises seeking strong privacy features together with stable costs and secure transactions. The…

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