CoinsBee Review: Using Bitcoin Or Altcoins To Buy Gift Cards For The Holidays

The holiday season is quickly approaching. With social distancing measures still in place in many places, along with new restrictions on get-togethers over a certain capacity, giving gifts is certainly going to be far more challenging. However, using CoinsBee and cryptocurrencies, one can purchase gift cards easily and then send them to loved ones with little to no effort. Read our review to find out how CoinsBee is reshaping the holiday shopping season and redefining the gifting culture. Buying Gift Cards With Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies Using CoinsBee Initially buying a gift card would require a trip to a brick and mortar store where a card valued in specific denominations were made available around the holidays. The explosion of e-commerce platforms transformed gift cards and made them something that also offers additional value for customers. Today finance itself is moving increasingly toward the digital age. Bitcoin and altcoins are now…

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