Coins Are Moving: Bitcoin Sent To Exchanges Spikes To 2021 High

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Bitcoin is back below $50,000 and fear is in the air. The historic bull market is now in jeopardy, even though holders thus far haven’t been willing to part with their coins. They might be faced with the difficult decision of doing so as prices dip lower and have to consider selling. The selloff has already caused more coins to enter the market than the entire past year, and at the highest level since Black Thursday. If things plunge deeper, even more coins could start moving. BTC Inflows Pick Up: First Bearish Fundamental Signal Amidst Negative Sentiment, Technicals Massive outflows from Coinbase Pro while prices kept climbing were called the “most bullish signal ever.” All the transparent data provided by the blockchain distributed ledger can’t provide warning, however, when sentiment turns. As cryptocurrency becomes a bigger puzzle piece of the financial world it has to deal with the repercussions of…

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