Coinbase Tezos Pump Fires Up Spreads Across Crypto Exchanges

7th November 2 640x400

Tezos price spiked sharply today after Coinbase announced staking rewards for XTZ. The token pumped so hard that huge spreads opened up between exchanges leading to arbitrage opportunities for savvy traders. Crypto Exchange Pump Inbound Late yesterday Coinbase announced that it was expanding access for Tezos staking. The offer of earning rewards for XTZ stored on the exchange was only available to US customers however. Coinbase will be staking the tokens on behalf of its users and distributing the rewards back into their wallets. Staking is the next evolution of consensus which will let users earn income by participating directly into the network and blockchain. Coinbase added that staking Tezos via a delegated staking service can be confusing so it would be doing all of the leg work for its American clients. The announcement added; The current estimated annual return for Tezos staking on Coinbase is ~5%. You’ll see your…

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