Coinbase Climbs Apple App Store In Bitcoin Bull Run Flashback

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One of the hallmarks of the last Bitcoin bull run, was that popular San Francisco-based cryptocurrency app Coinbase topped the Apple App Store, helping to put crypto on the map. And after the recent Robinhood ordeal, a flight of retail investors from the reigning number one app onto the crypto platform has Coinbase back in the top five and climbing continuously higher. Here’s what’s driving the sudden resurgence of retail interest on the popular crypto app. Crypto Bull Run Returns, Coinbase Makes Apple App Store Comeback After the leading cryptocurrency by market cap took out $20,000 a bull market was confirmed for Bitcoin, but after Ethereum’s new all-time high, another go for Chainlink, and now Dogecoin soaring, there’s a full blown cryptocurrency bull market underway. One of the characteristics of the last cryptocurrency bull run, was crypto exchange app Coinbase reaching the top spot on Apple’s App Store for their…

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