Coffee And Crypto: Newsletter Morning Brew Boots Gold For Bitcoin

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As part of the continued demonization of gold at the hands of Bitcoin, the precious metal that was once the hard money standard has received the boot from popular daily email newsletter Morning Brew. Due to the rising popularity of Bitcoin, gold has been completely replaced with a price ticker instead for the leading cryptocurrency by market cap. Here’s why this is such a big thing, and why this is just one win of many more to come. Bitcoin Deals Blow To Gold As Crypto Becomes Common Coffee Talk The ongoing “digital gold” narrative has taken the momentum out of gold’s bull run, and converted it into rocket fuel for Bitcoin. In less than one year, the cryptocurrency’s market cap rose from under $200 billion to more than $1 trillion and climbing. Over time, it’s expected to eat away at gold’s $10 trillion market cap, and it already has put…

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