Coca Cola and SAP Leveraging Blockchain to Redefine Supply Chain

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Blockchain as a solution for supply chains is the next big thing for Coca-Cola bottling companies. The usage of distributed ledger and cryptography solutions for supply chain logistics has been one of the hottest use cases for the technology. The SAP Solution is Permissioned Business-Grade Blockchain As reported by Business Insider, more than 70 franchises of the Coca-Cola Company worldwide can now use the blockchain solution developed by SAP. Unlike public blockchains, this permission-based solution still keeps a cryptographically protected, tamper-proof record. The advantage of blockchain technology is that each of the dozens of suppliers will be able to file orders viewable by everyone using the distributed ledger. Coke One North America, a firm organizing 12 suppliers with hundreds of thousands in orders, believes the SAP blockchain solution could bring down the time for reconciling and organizing orders. “There are a number of transactions that are cross-companies and multiparty that…

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