CME Bitcoin Options Launch on “Great Anticipation”, JP Morgan Says

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The CME Bitcoin options market has sparked great anticipation of its official launch scheduled for January 13. The market, offering a more derivative approach to BTC price action, is expanding products available for mainstream investment. Adoption May Still Take a While JP Morgan Chase has noted “high anticipation” on the Bitcoin options trading launch, but adoption may lag and there are still downside risks, reported Bloomberg. Options offer a bet on which direction bitcoin would take, and trading positions do not require owning coins. The options, which arrive about a month after Bakkt launched its own version of the product, hinge on the success of CME futures. The futures product has shown high activity in the past couple of years, despite the claims the futures market may be swaying bitcoin price unfairly. The new futures will base their trading positions on the CME CF Bitcoin Reference Rate (BRR), trying to…

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