Chinese Investors May Increasingly Invest in Bitcoin in Q2 as Local Funds Cripple

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Search trends emerging from China show interest in ‘Bitcoin’ could hit an all-time high in the 12-month range. Chinese users’ increased attentiveness for the cryptocurrency comes against the backdrop of underperforming money-manager funds. Bloomberg reports that Chinese savers are moving into riskier assets to earn better yields. Bitcoin trading remains banned in China, but that has not deterred its citizens from exploring the cryptocurrency as their potential alternative investment. That is evident by the cryptocurrency’s growing search trend in the world’s second-largest economy. Data on Google Trends shows that volume for the keyword ‘Bitcoin’ is set to hit a perfect 100 this week in China, proving that more users are looking into the cryptocurrency amidst the Coronavirus-led global economic crisis. China’s interest in Bitcoin is going higher | Source: Google Trends Demand for Mutual Funds Cripples The exhilarating Bitcoin trend appears at the time when Chinese savers are reportedly looking…

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