Chinese Crypto Exchange, Hotbit Goes Offline After Unsuccessful Cyberattack

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Chinese crypto exchange, Hotbit, has shut down all of its services after suffering a cyberattack on Thursday. The cryptocurrency exchange with over 2 million users worldwide announced that it suffered an attack that forced some of its services to paralyze as the attached tried to access the exchange’s wallets. “Hotbit just suffered a serious cyber-attack starting around 08:00 PM UTC, April 29, 2021, which led to the paralyzation of a number of some basic services,” a notice on the platform’s website reads. The Attack Was Unsuccessful Although the hackers did not have access to the wallets, they did have complete control over the database. As a result, the Hotbit team has advised customers to disregard any communication from entities claiming to be representatives of the exchange. About transfer on the chain, that is because we are creating new cold wallet. Don't worry, all funds are safe:)💰 Here is our wallet…

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